Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011

I love Tiny Prints. I've raved about their planner that I recently ordered and it was love at first sight back when I ordered Evan's 1st birthday invitations. They are awesome. So, of course, I had to get some holiday cards! Take a peek!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Evan-16 months!

My oh my! My babe is a full fledged toddler. Evan keeps me so busy that I'll be lucky to do quarterly posts about his growth and development. Here's the scoop on what's happened since his 1st birthday:

He has 4 molars and all of his incisors are starting to poke out! Got them all at once, of course that was a blast. He's 25 pounds and 31.5 inches tall.  He eats a ton some days and then others just grazes or is happy with milk for dinner. I was really stressing about it (because I couldn' live without dinner) but the doc says it's perfectly normal.

He walks, runs, climbs and is even learning to spin in circles. He can entertain himself for longer stretches of time now. For example, he will sit and stack cans or blocks for 10 minutes straight. Sometimes I just sit and watch his concentration, it's amazing. We were unpacking groceries one day and found him sitting with the cans stacking and unstacking them. He also likes to put the tops on things and take it off again. I was making dinner and he sat at my feet focusing hard on putting the cap on a bottle. He was so proud when he did it! He also loves to put items into a box, close it up then open it up again and take them out. It's fun to watch him think things through. Other activities include: climbing over the dogs, chasing Gary the cat, turning over laundry baskets to stand on them and anything outdoors.

He has become very helpful. He loves to hand you things. Stuff out of the dishwasher, clothes and stuff you ask for. He loves books, his stuffed dog and his soft blanket. He also discovered french fries and is hooked. We only get them once in a while otherwise he would turn into a potato. Other favorites include, eggs, broccoli, waffles, yogurt, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and pumpkin pie....He also is really trying hard to feed himself with utensils. He does NOT like when I do it for him and puts up a fight. I let him go at it with a spoon and yogurt and boy that was a mess, but fun!

He has developed a fear of having water poored over his head so we take it slow when rinsing his hair or he'll have a melt down. Diaper changing has become an even bigger challenge. I don't blame him, it takes away from his time to explore and be adventurous! Yet, it's a big chore for Dad and I. Shrieks and screams, kicks and rolls. It's tough. Still going strong on the cloth diapering though. He has to wear disposables to school but the rest of the time he is in cloth. Other tough areas: nail clipping, hair brushing, teeth brushing....ooof.

An awesome development since starting school: He can point to his eyes, nose, ears, belly and feet! It's so neat to see him learning.

We visited the pumpkin patch in October and he had a blast running around the farm. For Halloween, he was The Hulk and even went to his first Halloween party. He danced to the live band.

My boy has a ton of energy, loves to explore, loves to be outside, has developed a great sense of humor and has a smile that melts my heart. Evan is growing so fast and his independence is quickly growing. I love hanging out with my dude.

Monday, October 31, 2011


So, another thing he has picked up from school is a cold. Er, well, colds. We are now on the 4th week and he is on his 2nd cold since starting. Which means I've had 2 colds in 4 weeks also. Fun. I knew he would be getting sick because he's been so protected being the only kid at his in-home daycare. But twice in one month! C'mon. I didn't realize little ones were such big germ farms. Poor guy has a nasty congested cough and a runny nose today.

Friday, October 28, 2011

School: 3 weeks in

Well...uh...well it's been different. I know there is an adjustment period. He's in a new place, new people, new routine.

We are 3 weeks in and the drop-offs are horrible. He cries and clings and the sad face stays with me all day. I cry as I walk back to my car. Today the teacher suggested I stick around and peek into the classroom a couple minutes after I leave him. So I did. He was fine! He wasn't crying, he was eating his breakfast and looking at the other kids. It literally took him a minute or 2 to calm down and settle in. I was amazed.

Picking him is also a different thing. He gets very upset when other parents come to get their kids before I get there. So, when I arrive he is hysterical. He sees me and runs to me, crying. I pick him up and he stops, plays with my necklace and lays his head down on my shoulder.

All in all, he is surviving. He isn't napping very well though. One 45 minute nap is not enough. So we have rough evenings with a cranky toddler. I hope he starts to take a longer nap. It's hard making dinner when he's literally screaming at my feet. Screaming in the tub and screaming as we get him dressed. Maybe he needs a little nap before dinner.

Initially, I was so upset by his crying that I vowed to take him out and send him back to the sitter's (his comfort zone). Veteran mama's just kept urging me to give this a chance. It's good for him in the long run, they said. Socialization, learning, new experiences, outdoor play etc. I think they are right.

He's picked him something new....he lets his body go limp if you try to hold his hand and guide him where he doesn't want to go. Ugh. It's frustrating. I just keep my cool and let him lie on the ground and walk away. He eventually follows me.

Little rat. I love him.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Switch

We are making the transition between in-home daycare to a daycare/pre-school type facility. The decision was easy. Evan's little daycare buddy moved away a few weeks ago so he has been alone at his current care provider's home. My kid is very social, let me tell you. He loves to be around people and other kids. So, I started looking into daycare/pre-school's. We got on a waiting list for this really great place where they thought we'd be in by January. I was bummed but thought it was worth the wait.

I got the call this week. THE CALL. There's an opening now. Holy moly.

We did a little visit today. Just a quick one hour visit where I dropped him off and he got to explore the new environment. I had to hurt my heart to think about how he might feel being left in an unfamilar place. I put him down, he walked away then ran back to hug my legs then walked away again. I left the classroom and felt that sinking feeling and holding back tears.

I came back an hour later. Peeked in on him. Oh. My. Goodness. He was sitting at a little table in a little chair eating snacks with the other kids! It was such an amazing sight. They were all jabbering away and drinking their milk and eating thier crackers. Warmed my heart and solidified my decision to make this switch. The teacher said he did great, didn't even cry.

But. I ruined it. He saw me peeking in and burst into tears and ran to me. He had these big, sad tears. I think I reminded him that I had left him there so it was like a delayed reaction.

I really believe he needs a more stimulating day with social and educational skills. This place will totally achieve that.

I am beyond excited. He'll begin going soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Haircut!

What a milestone. Evan's hair was getting looong. In his eyes, over his ears and mullet action in the back. I loved those wispy little hairs but....they had to go. So, we headed out to have them handled. He was pretty good but very wiggly so the back is a little crooked's hair, it'll grow back. He looks like a little man now! And oh-so-handsome....probably the most adorable kid you've ever seen (okay I'm slightly biased). See for yourself!



All in all, a success!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dun Dun Dun....

It's happening. Each day it unfolds before my eyes.

He's walking.

It started with the cruising and he would take a short jolt to the next piece of furniture. Then it was a few very shakey steps. Now. NOW. It's like 8 steady steps on his own. On his OWN! This is blowing my mind to smithereens. Each day his balance is getting better and he focuses really hard. He has been so excited about his new trick that it's hard to get him to take a nap or go to bed at night. He walks with a huge open-mouthed smile on his face. So proud.

He's 11 months now and so independent. Stay tuned for his 11 month old post to hear about all his wonderful tricks.